If you ever need to cancel your cleaning, we completely understand.  Please let us know as soon as you know you're in need of a rescheduling, and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your request.  We ask that you provide at least 48 hours notice to allow us to notify the cleaner and adjust the schedule, otherwise a cancelation fee of 50% may be applied to your account.  

We totally understand if you or your children have to be at home during your cleaning due to illness.  We simply request you choose a room you'd like for us to skip, and just hangout in there 'til we're through. This is to reduce the spread of bacteria and other airborne ailments. If you're working from home, that's no trouble at all, and we just ask to coordinate a swap with you in order for us to complete your home office. 

Unavailable Services

We AT Home value the family relationships of our clients, as well as our cleaners.  To allow families to spend holiday time with one another, we will be closed Monday through Friday during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  (For this year, 2018, those dates are November 19th-23rd, and December 24th-28th) Cleanings scheduled on those days will either be skipped, and be resumed on their regular schedule, or rescheduled to be performed on either the previous or following week, depending on your preference.  We thank you ahead of time for your understanding, and we're sorry for any inconvenience. 

Late fee policy

Cancelation Policy

One-Time Deep- This is the most complete service we offer.  If it's been a few months since your house was professionally cleaned, there are some areas that are going to take us extra time to get back to par.  Request a quote for a deep and get your home back to 100% with our help. 

*Deep Cleaning Disclosure- The first time AT Home cleans a house is considered a ‘Deep Clean’ by definition.  During these Deep Cleans, a far more thorough job is performed than in a standard cleaning.  We vacuum air filters, hand wipe fan blades, scrub baseboards, etc.  This is to improve your wellbeing, and your home’s, as well as to make our job easier if we are to return for regular service.  The price you'll receive from your quote represents that initial Deep Cleaning fee.

Regular In-Home Cleaning-  Set up a reoccurring cleaning at your home based on your preferences.  You can choose from the following frequencies; once a month, bi-weekly, and weekly.  The more often, the greater the savings!

Regular Office* Cleaning- Do you own an office, yoga studio, small gym that could benefit from regular cleanings?  Let us assist your staff and provide your customers with a clean and healthy workplace for you to continue to do business in. 

Regular Retail* Cleaning- With so much traffic in a successful store, there remains a constant need for tidying up.   We offer weekly or daily cleaning to various retail locations.  

*You don't have to be a green company in order to receive our all natural services, but if you are, you'll receive an additional 15% off your regular cleanings!

On-The-Market Cleaning- If you're trying to sell your home, allow us to enhance your chances of closing by getting  your home into prime condition.  We offer 10% off cleanings for homes on the market, and will honor the discount until the home is sold! 

Vacation Property, AIRBNB, or VRBO Cleaning- When you're using your home or other property as supplemental income, there's no room for error in cleanliness.  Understanding these properties remain in fair condition, this pricing scale is a bit lower.  AT Home takes pride in providing high-quality professional house keeping to these properties, so let's see if there's anything we can do for you. 

Gift-Cleaning- There’s few better ways to show someone how much you care than by providing them with a fresh and healthy home.  This option will allow you to purchase a gift certificate that can either be emailed directly to the recipient, or honored at the time of the cleaning.  A lot of variables affect the price of a cleaning, and we understand you may know less about the property than the resident.  The easiest way to get an idea for how much your gift certificate should be for is to give us a call for an estimate. 

​Prenatal Cleanings- What better way to bring peace of mind during pregnancy than an aromatherapeutic green cleaning?  We offer 20% discounts on home cleanings of expecting mothers.  Many cleaning products pose health risks to developing babies, before and after birth.  Know the effects of the products being used in your home, learn more here. We want to help you get your nest ready, in a safe and healthy way.  Fill out a quote and select the "We're Expecting!" check box. 

Move-in Cleaning-
 Price of deep x 90% Prepare your new home for your arrival.   Let us remove all evidence of the previous owners, and set the atmosphere for your fresh start.  

Move-out Cleaning- Price of deep x 115% Strengthen your odds of seeing as much of your security deposit returned as possible!  Our professional service will let your landlord know you mean business, and that you did everything you could to leave no trace.  

*Move-ins/Move-outs require the home to be completely empty.  All furniture and belongings are to be vacated from the home, and all drawers, cabinets, and closets emptied.  This allows us to be more thorough while utilizing our time most effectively. Thank you for your understanding. 

We are unable to offer the following services*;  We appreciate your understanding.  Thanks for choosing AT Home!

● Exterior Cleaning; Glass, Garage, Screened in Area, 
Patio, or Porch (Beyond sweeping if broom is provided)
● Climbing Ladders, (or step stools >2 steps) 
● Folding/Starting Laundry 
● Moving Furniture (sans chairs/stools) 
● Handling Dishes 
● Handling Animal or Human Waste (ie.­ Kitty Litter/Diaper Genies) 
● Removing Clients Personal Items from Shelves, Chairs, Beds, etc. 
● Rug/Carpet Cleaning (Beyond Vacuuming)
● Using any chemical product as an alternative to our own

*These items are excluded for insurance and liability purposes. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

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A late fee of 50% may be applied to payments not received at the time of a cleaning.

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