Do I have to be home at the time of the cleaning?

    AT Home is fully bonded and insured, bringing you peace of mind that allows you to move freely about your day, regardless of our schedule.   If your time does not allow you to be at home, know your nest egg is in safe hands, and is receiving professional all natural treatment.  Fill out a quote form to receive a free quote!

Do I have to provide a key?

    AT Home utilizes a safe and organized client key management system kept under lock-and-key.  Our clients can feel protected in knowing the security of their home is a top priority.  You only need to provide us with a key for regular service may you not be home for a future cleaning.  Most of our clients prefer to have their house cleaning while their at work, but you’re never in our way when you are in your home.  Be where you want to be, and relax while we give your home or office the high quality service you’ve been looking for. 

Are your handmade products as effective as their chemical alternatives in removing things like bacteria, viruses, or mold?

    We pride ourselves in the effectiveness of the products we mix.  Essential oils combined with substances like vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl, or castile soap, are equally effective in removing dirt buildup, scum, or grime.  In various combinations, they can also be used to kill viruses, fungus, bacteria, and parasites.   We’ve made a chart citing these traits as our go-to for recipe concocting and product development, and we encourage our customers to become acquainted with it. 

Do you wash dishes or do laundry?

    We are unable to handle dishes or laundry for risk of injury or damage.  We like for our clients to view us as house keepers instead rather than maids.  Maids will commonly wash clothes, dishes, cook, clean-up, as well as other house bound tasks.  We removed these more personal tasks from our checklist in order to streamline our services provided.  We believe focusing our attention and effort to the areas of your house that take harder labor can allow us to provide a deeper, more excellent cleaning.  A more detailed list of the tasks we are able to perform can be found on our available services page.

Do you accept checks?

    We accept payment by form of cash, check, or money-order, as well as through Paypal.  We are not currently accepting any card payments, but we will certainly notify you immediately when we begin to offer that service.  Please note that a Returned Item Fee of $50 will be applied to your account in the event of a bounced check.

Should I leave a tip?

    We strive to pay our cleaners above industry standards.  Our cleaners do not expect tips, but are always very appreciative when they’re offered.  If you would like to tip, but aren’t sure how much, here’s what we recommend; Never feel obligated to tip.  If you’d like to, you can tip your cleaner a percentage of the cost of your cleaning.  We have some clients refrain from tipping for the duration of the year, and around Christmas or Chanukah, provide a tip for the full price of one cleaning.  Truly, its up to you.  There’s no wrong way to be generous.  Just know that it is not required, or expected, and is greatly appreciated. 

Will I always have the same cleaner?

    Clients who sign up for regular service will be assigned to a cleaner's schedule, allowing them to return at your desired frequency.  If for any reason your cleaner will not be available, you will receive notice, but this does not happen often.  We value the relationships we build with our clients, and the cleaner-client relationship is the most important relationship of them all.  We know the greatest impression we make is through our cleaning staff, so we want our clients and cleaners to feel happy and comfortable with each other.  We want to dissolve all boundaries to establish an open trusting relationship, rich with communication, and consistency is required to develop that level of comfort.  We want you to feel as much a part of the family as our cleaners do, and providing you with the same cleaner is the best way to do that.  Read our guarantee.

Do you offer partial cleanings at a discounted rate? 

     We are willing to permanently skip any number of rooms of your house, subtracting the square footage from your homes total, and reducing the total price of your cleaning. Rooms most commonly skipped are laundry rooms, basements, and guest rooms. However, we unfortunately are not able to offer partial cleanings in the form of skipping dusting or mopping for instance, or cleaning exclusively kitchens and bathrooms. We pride ourselves on our checklist, and wish to perform it entirely wherever in your home we've got access to do so. During your On-Site consultations for your quote, simply leave the doors closed to any rooms you wish for us to skip, and we'll set the price based on the available area to clean.

Is your cleaning service really a good fit for my company's office or retail space?

     We can suit the demands of nearly any commercial request.  We take pride in our ability to stimulate professional environments and promote a positive and aromatic atmosphere that can enhance a clients experience in your property. Specify your property is commercial when you fill out a quote form, and we'll be sure to come prepared to satisfy your needs, and exceed your expectations! Read more about the importance of business cleaning services here

Do you offer construction/renovation cleanings?

     We are unable to offer construction cleanings due to their industrial nature. We do not offer bulk waste removal, or cleanings in instances where floors are obstructed by wood, metal scraps, or screws. We do however realize homes are a constant work in progress, and renovations can create a lot of dust and make living your daily life more stressful. If you've recently had work done in your home and would like to take control back over the saw dust, and other residual evidence of construction, we're more than happy to help. We simply request your floors be swept before our arrival if any nails, screws, wood, metal, or glass remain. Keep in mind, these cleanings take more time, and depending on the condition of the property, may impact the price of your cleaning. Read more about the benefits of hiring professionals to help you out here.

What if I need to cancel a cleaning?

     ​Somethings things come up, we understand completely.  We aim to be as flexible as possible when you need to cancel or reschedule.  We ask that you try to give us as least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a cleaning.  Our cleaners rely on a schedule we provide for them, and we pay them for the duration of their work day, regardless of driving time, cancelations, or other variables. If we don't receive sufficient warning, a cancelation fee of 50% the cost of your cleaning will be applied to your account. We appreciate your understanding, and thank you ahead of time for your communication.  

What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?

     AT Home closes in observance of the following holidays:  Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  If your cleaning falls on a closing, there's a couple things we can do; If you'd like, we can reschedule you a cleaning for before in order to help get your home ready for entertaining, after to help you get you home back to it's natural state, or if you don't require a rescheduling, your cleaning will simply be skipped and resumed on its regular rotation.  Rescheduling will not affect your recurrent calendar. For example: If you typically get your cleaning every other Monday, and you reschedule your cleaning to be performed a few days later on Friday instead, your cleanings will not move to Fridays, and we'll be back in 10 days for your regular Monday cleanings.​​

2021 Closings;

New Years Day- January 1st

Memorial Day-  May 31st

Labor Day- September 3rd

Thanksgiving- November 19th-23rd

Christmas- December 24th-28th

What if I'm unhappy with my cleaning?

     This is the worst news we can receive, but we want to know if you aren't completely satisfied with the service provided.  We strive to go above and beyond expectations, and if we fall short, we want to know exactly how.  In order to keep our pricing competitive, we are unable to offer free or discounted future cleanings in reparation.  When we develop a quote for a property, we carefully enter the specific information into an algorithm we've created that generates the best price we are able to offer you. We will however take specific note of the item(s) missed, and be sure we have them taken care of on our next visit.  If you are not interested in future service, and would like to receive a refund, we'll send a Quality Control Specialist to your property to inspect and assess the property on an individual basis. Please be prepared to cite everything you believed to be performed unsatisfactorily.  In this event, you will be guaranteed to receive a refund of the cost of your cleaning, we simply need to make specific note of the items missed in order to further train our cleaner, as well as to improve the quality of our service. If this applies to you, and you've received unsatisfactory service, please call us immediately at 720-202-8809, or email us directly at


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