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      AT Home represents the extended reach of Natural Nest Home Cleaning and Specialty Care, an Atlanta Georgia based all-natural cleaning company started by Yoga instructor and environmental do-gooder Kat Jones. Her in-home life style of creating natural cleaning materials for everything from the laundry to the dishwasher evolved into a devoted grass-roots following of her friends, students, and colleagues. Her basket of popular homemade cleaning materials soon evolved into an all-natural products approach to house cleaning. Before long, she was serving a dedicated list of satisfied clients which continues to grow today. Natural Nest has worked its roots into the heart of the Atlanta community and has grown into one of the city’s leading earth-friendly natural housekeeping services -- It’s actually grown so much it’s begun to take seed!

       We AT Home are happy to be the first of those seeds! As the first budding venture of Kat’s eco-safe cleaning company, we’re proud to become Denver’s premier Natural Nest provider!  We share cleaning recipes, business tips, and company best practices that make us less like sisters, and more like twins. As interest in our blossoming company grows, more AT Home locations will develop in other cities allowing Natural Nests reach to extend even further. 

      We may be a small company continuing to make our eco-friendly cleaning products by hand while making our new name in Denver, but we stand by the sanitary effectiveness of our service and we guarantee our prospective new clients a job well done. If you have any reservations about chem-free cleaning, we totally understand. For your easy review, we’ve compiled a useful chart of essential oils and their cleaning purposes – in addition to their fragrance -- to use as a mutual reference.