One of the primary problems clients face when hiring a professional cleaning service is being left with surfaces “so clean you can’t eat off them.”  It’s typical for most cleaning services to use products in your tub you shouldn’t let touch your skin, products in your kitchen you shouldn’t let touch your food, and products on your floors you shouldn’t let touch your children or pets! There’s no denying these industrial strength cleaners are indeed highly effective, but we believe they are better suited for industrial purposes. Rather than using products you ‘spray and walk away,’ we use products our grandmothers used, including but not limited to: white vinegar, baking soda, salt, essential oils, and the most important ingredient of all… elbow grease.  

       AT Home uses hand made Natural Nest products, designed in Atlanta, Georgia, made out of natural, food-grade ingredients because we care about the wellbeing of our clients, their families, our cleaners, and the earth we all share. We utilize a no-waste system and clean with sustainably sourced supplies to ensure we minimize our foot print as much as possible. Choosing AT Home helps us make a positive difference for our clients and our community. We’re the fruit-of-the-labor of a few hard working housekeepers who want to make a bigger difference in people’s lives. We believe cleaners and clients both deserve an all-natural alternative to harsh home cleaning solutions and we took personal responsibility to become the change we were looking for.

      The cleaning market has many skilled competitors that come with very competitive prices, but few offer the safety of chemical-free cleaning and the numerous aromatherapeutic benefits provided by using essential oils. The natural oils we use to make our cleaning products have naturally pleasant aromas that can be combined to create a variety of useful aromatherapeutic* effects. If you’ve read about these essential oils and you’ve heard of diffusing them, the after-cleaning effect is very similar. We allow you to choose from a list of aromatherapy effects and essential oils,  as well as view their cleaning properties here.  Clients who sign up for regular cleanings can change their ‘AT’ preference before each appointment, giving them the opportunity to experience a broad scope of beneficial effects achieved by combining essential oils!

With so many services to chose from, why choose AT Home?  


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*Aromatherapy and its benefits have been studied and found to be highly positive; however individual reactions to the use of essential oils can vary.  The effects are not intended as a replacement for healthy diet and exercise, and are NOT to be used as a medical alternative for clinical treatment of documented illnesses.  We are confident AT cleaning applications provide healthier household environments, but the primary focus of this chemical-free cleaning method is to remove all refuse, dust, and hair.  We believe a clean home is the first step to a healthy lifestyle, and the service we provide will help get you there - and help you maintain it.*​